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Enterprise mission: explore the future of industrial intelligence, commit to the comprehensive localization of cutting-edge laser intelligent manufacturing technology, and improve the level of intelligent manufacturing.

Corporate Vision: Become an industry expert in laser application intelligent manufacturing worldwide.

Focusing on the core business of R&D and manufacturing of laser 3D processing automation technology products, gradually carry out the integration of the industrial chain, and based on high-performance high-quality products, provide customers with metal/composite materials from injection molding to assembly assembly line integrated automation solutions , Making Weilian company become a leader in the field of international automated manufacturing equipment with refined products and strong strength.

Since its establishment, the company has insisted on enabling the industry with science and technology, committed to technological integration of laser applications with industrial robots + automated processing, and promoted the transformation of the processing and manufacturing industry from simple and extensive production to green and efficient.

Corporate values: customer value-oriented, technological innovation as the foundation, honesty and trustworthiness as the right way, and multi-party win-win as the goal to build a corporate sharing, co-creation, and win-win management model.

The products and services provided by Weilian Company to customers are not only to make profits for the enterprise, but to solve the problems in the manufacturing process for customers from the perspective of customers. Continue to invest in technology research and development of the company, maintain the technological leadership of products, and continuously use new technologies to improve the core competitiveness of the company.

Strategic goal of the enterprise: Taking intelligent manufacturing equipment as the core business, focusing on the development of intelligent manufacturing solutions combining laser technology and robotic automated production lines, and gradually developing the integration of the industrial chain.

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The company insists on independent research and development, and has developed a series of products such as laser inner light guiding robot processing system, three-dimensional five-axis laser processing system, 3D laser engraving laser processing system and so on.

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