Non-metal laser processing solutions
Non-metal laser processing sol
WG-316C series three-dimensional five-axis laser processing system

WG-316C series three-dimensional five-axis laser processing system

Product features:
1. Equipped with self-developed high-performance gas laser;
2. Complete laser cutting of various non-metallic products with high efficiency, and multi-faceted three-dimensional cutting at one time;
3. Extremely high dynamic performance and mature stability ensure the efficient utilization rate of equipment;
4. Suitable for large-format, three-dimensional surface cutting of batch products;
5: The cutting width is as high as 3000mm*1800mm*550mm.
Applicable industry:
1. New energy battery box cover.
2. Truck.
3. Passenger cars.
4. High-speed rail.
5. Construction machinery.
6. Various large-format carbon fiber and glass fiber products.
WJ series internal light guide robot 3D laser processing system

WJ series internal light guide robot 3D laser processing system

1. The application of the internal light guide robot ensures the high repeat positioning accuracy of the equipment, and the cutting consistency has a better performance;
2. The internal optical path design and the coaxial design ensure that the equipment processing has less interference, higher flexibility and almost no dead ends;
3. Small footprint, lower equipment maintenance cost, energy-saving and efficient laser equipment;
4. Universal software and hardware interface design, which can be very convenient for interconnection and intercommunication with production lines and other equipment;
Application industry
New energy battery
Security and sports equipment
Military industry
White goods
Applicable products
Automobile AB column processing
Multi-faceted processing of small format battery box
Three-dimensional cutting of car tailgate inner panel
Radome cutting processing
Helmet three-dimensional cutting
Electrical appliance lining, etc.
WM series 3D laser engraving system

WM series 3D laser engraving system

1. Large format laser engraving, with customized large format control software, compatible and packaged;
2. The combination method is diversified, and the adaptation is easier to meet various products;
3. The interface is open and compatible with most controls;
4. Dual-drive Z-axis dynamic module design, more efficient response frequency;
Application industry
Packaging industry
Applicable products
Interior and exterior accessories
Other laser carving parts

The company insists on independent research and development, and has developed a series of products such as laser inner light guiding robot processing system, three-dimensional five-axis laser processing system, 3D laser engraving laser processing system and so on.

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